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48 Hour Photoshoot

Years ago I became acquainted with the work of Mona Kuhn. Her work is stunning, but what I found most interesting was her process. Mona frequently develops friendships with her subjects and photographs them over days, weeks, even months. Making photos in this fashion allows her to capture moments that are more intimate and natural. […]

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The episode that never was…

Back in 2009 we began working on Digital Photography 1on1 episode 12. It was a follow up to Episode 11, basic lighting setups. However, due to some issues with our camera and unusable footage this episode never went to YouTube. We’ve always shot these episodes on a low budget but back in 2009 the budget […]

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iGo Video Shoot

Here are a few behind-the-scenes videos from a recent shoot for iGo. We shot 6 videos for the iGo product line, one of the finished videos is at the bottom. We were honored to be chosen by our good friends at SiteWire to shoot these videos.

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Shooting Gorman

Last month I shot a short video of Greg Gorman for Xrite. Here’s a short breakdown of the production. The video was all shot on a Canon XH A1. This is a great little camera and perfect for shooting on location when you need to keep things simple. I only had a few hours to […]

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New Episodes on the Way

Our first video update via iPhone. We’ve been working on a bunch of new Digital Photography One on One episodes and we’re set to begin production in 2 weeks. We have some really great episodes one the way. The scripts are written, locations have been scouted, and now we’re down to casting models and getting […]

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If you’re familiar with fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth then I’m certain you’re also familiar with her book Revenge. A couple of weeks ago Diane and I were invited to visit Riaz at Grand Photo Solutions. Riaz is the guy who printed Von Unwerth’s images for her book Revenge. Riaz and Mark holding a signed […]

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Studio Lighting in NYC

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you’ll know that I’ve been spending a lot of time in New York lately. A couple of weeks ago Diane and I were able to take Studio Lighting 101 to Manhattan. Here are a few shots that Diane took during the day. Mark explains metering to the […]

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On Location with PocketWizard

I’ve been shooting a bunch of tutorial videos for PocketWizard over the last three weeks. while we were on location I wanted to give a very quick overview of one of the setups. Here’s a quick one minute video that shows how easy it is to use the new Mini and Flex. You can see […]

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liveBooks Update

Last month I mentioned that I was making the switch to liveBooks. In that post I outlined my reasons for choosing liveBooks, if you’re considering a new portfolio I encourage you to read that post to see if liveBooks is a fit for you. Several people on Twitter have asked me how the switch was […]

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