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The Where To Start Chart

The Where To Start Chart is a tools designed to help beginning photographers navigate the settings on their camera. The chart is an interactive PDF file with links to hours of free photography tutorials. If you get to a spot and are unsure what something means, just click the box to watch a video about […]

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Fine Art Still Life

While Mark is injured in the studio he must find creative ways to shoot! His limited mobility allows him to shoot small projects as still life. In this episode he walks you through a small one-light setup for still life photographs. Mark shoots vegetables as his still life project and shows you how to turn […]

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Mirror Trick

In this episode, Mark uses a mirror to shoot a portrait. Using the mirror gives the effect of two lights when only using one! Using a mirror is also a great way to add color and depth to your photos when you’re shooting in a small space. See how Mark shoots this portrait with just […]

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