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One of my favorite shots from my shoot with Kaily today.

© Copyright 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Hair/Makeup and stying was done by Diane.  Awesome work!


I had the privilege of photographing Teresa in our studio today.  Teresa is a new model to us and I couldn’t have been more impressed.  We only had a limited time to shoot today but we’ll have her back as soon as possible.  Look for more photos of Teresa in the future.

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Cool new video and fun workshop

I’ve been working on some videos to help people understand what our workshops are all about.  The first video has been posted and it’s ready for prime time.  I just ordered some new video equipment and I’m anxiously waiting for it to arrive.  In just a few months SnapFactory will be able to produce high quality digital video for web, DVD or other media.

Click here to take a look at our new Digital Photography 101 video promotion.

In other news, we had a terrific studio lighting workshop this weekend.  We had a great group of students and we
had a lot of fun playing with the lights.  Below is a photo taken by one of our students, Dana Repak.  Way to go Dana!  The model is Amanda Jo Lynn, a regular in our studio.

© 2007 Dana Repak