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Weekend Workshop

Jerri working on her photo skills
© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory
Workshop attendee, Jerri P., works on an assignment.

Our weekend workshop was a great success.  We had a small class so we had plenty of time to get to know each other and have a lot of fun.  Our new laptop and video projector worked well, although we found that we’ll need some new desk lamps next time.

I used Adobe Lightroom to demonstrate some post production work.  Lightroom was great and I’m happy that the final release is out.  I’m very impressed with the software and am happy to have it as a tool for our workshops in the future.  One of our “hands-on” sessions took place on Mill Avenue in Tempe.  After the session I quickly selected some of my shots, did some minor post production, and posted them on the web in no time.  Lightroom is speedy!

We’ve already started to get requests for the next weekend workshop and we’re looking for openings on our calendar.  If you’re interested in attending please contact us!

Busy, busy

Our new weekend workshop is approaching quickly.  I’ve been busy building all of the PowerPoint slides, gathering new photo samples, editing workbooks, and all the other tasks associated with building a great experience.  Our new A/V equipment is going to take our workshops to the next level, but it’s a lot of work getting everything put together.

We’ve also been talking to some photography stores in other states who are interested in me coming out to teach some workshops.  If things go well I’ll be making regular visits to southern California beginning this spring.  There have been a lot of requests for our workshops to be filmed and distributed via DVD.  We decided we’d do some trials and see how things go.  We ordered a nice wireless mic setup so we can take our video gear to locations and still get great audio.  Look for some workshop videos to hit our web site later this year.

In addition to that we’ve been busy shooting a lot of portraits for Valentine’s Day.  Lucky for us we’ll be taking a break on Sunday.  Tomorrow I have another portrait session while Diane is out on location doing makeup and styling for Lane’ who we shot just last week.  Whew!

Speaking of Lane’, here’s another shot from our session last week.

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

The use of Photoshop – Reuters Blogs

Reuters just released it guidelines for using Photoshop.  Some very interesting
rules are set down for their photographers.


  • Cropping
  • Adjustment of Levels to histogram limits
  • Minor colour correction
  • Sharpening at 300%, 0.3, 0
  • Careful use of lasso tool
  • Subtle use of burn tool
  • Adjustment of highlights and shadows
  • Eye dropper to check/set gray 


  • Additions or deletions to image
  • Cloning & Healing tool (except dust)
  • Airbrush, brush, paint
  • Selective area sharpening
  • Excessive lightening/darkening
  • Excessive colour tone change
  • Auto levels
  • Blurring
  • Eraser tool
  • Quick Mask
  • In-camera sharpening
  • In-camera saturation styles

Click here to see all the guidelines and an explanation of the rules.


I had the opportunity to shoot a new model yesterday.  Her name is Lane’ Jo and she’s just terrific.  Diane played with some makeup and I got out the ring flash.  We had a lot of fun.  It was a short session and we plan to work together again later in February.  If the initial shoot is any indication we should get some stellar shots.

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Gallery Season

It’s the season for gallery shows.  I’ll be entering a few shows this year and we are even playing with the idea of hosting a show at the studio this spring.  Once we hear from the different galleries I’ll post an entry letting everyone know where you can view our gallery prints.

This is a photo I took two years ago that I’m printing for the first time this year.  The first run will 13×19 and limited to 50.  If you’re an art buyer please contact us for pricing.

© 2005 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Old Time Cigarettes

I had a blast shooting Joanna Ke today. We are working on some retro looking shots and decided to use some cigarettes and holder.  I really liked how the shots turned out.  We’re going to be shooting again on Friday so look for more photos later this week.

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Test Shoots

This weekend we had an open casting call for models who’d like to work with us in the future.  We asked models to come to the studio so we could meet them, shoot a simple head shot and a single outfit.  We do this two or three times a year because great models in Phoenix tend to move to LA or New York and we are in constant need of new talent.  We met some great models and everyone did a great job.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent.  If you’re a model in the Phoenix metro area, and have a portfolio, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Here’s one of the head shots I took yesterday. The model’s name is Katie.

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