Busy, busy

Our new weekend workshop is approaching quickly.  I’ve been busy building all of the PowerPoint slides, gathering new photo samples, editing workbooks, and all the other tasks associated with building a great experience.  Our new A/V equipment is going to take our workshops to the next level, but it’s a lot of work getting everything put together.

We’ve also been talking to some photography stores in other states who are interested in me coming out to teach some workshops.  If things go well I’ll be making regular visits to southern California beginning this spring.  There have been a lot of requests for our workshops to be filmed and distributed via DVD.  We decided we’d do some trials and see how things go.  We ordered a nice wireless mic setup so we can take our video gear to locations and still get great audio.  Look for some workshop videos to hit our web site later this year.

In addition to that we’ve been busy shooting a lot of portraits for Valentine’s Day.  Lucky for us we’ll be taking a break on Sunday.  Tomorrow I have another portrait session while Diane is out on location doing makeup and styling for Lane’ who we shot just last week.  Whew!

Speaking of Lane’, here’s another shot from our session last week.

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

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