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Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. This series was created specifically for AdoramaTV.


Visual Pushups

Join Mark as he explores downtown Phoenix, Ariz. looking for photographic gems. He’s looking in alleys, looking at street signs and finding bits of color and texture to shoot. The key is to get in close and really isolate the subject; a macro lens is great for doing this.

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Mirror Trick

In this episode, Mark uses a mirror to shoot a portrait. Using the mirror gives the effect of two lights when only using one!

Using a mirror is also a great way to add color and depth to your photos when you’re shooting in a small space. See how Mark shoots this portrait with just one Profoto D1 500 w/s head.

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Metering for Light Ratios

In this episode, Mark shows you 4 simple steps for metering light ratios. Understanding the light ratios of your lighting setup can make setting up a photo easy. It also makes it simple to recreate the same light over and over again.

Mark uses a Sekonic L-358 in this episode to determing the lighting ratio. The L-358 has a built-in function to do this, so you don’t have to do math in your head!

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Making a Photobooth

In this episode, Mark shows you how to create a photobooth setup for your next party or corporate gathering! The key to this is the white foam core boards, also known as V-flats or bookends. These allow the flash to bounce so you get great light from only one speedlight. You also should use a wide-angle lens to fit many people in the pictures!

Mark uses his PocketWizard PlusIII’s to trigger the camera and take fun pictures. If you don’t have wireless remotes, you can also use a shutter release cable to achieve the same results. Using Lightroom, Mark is able to quickly create a slideshow to show the guests their photos. In the next episode, Mark will show you how to do that to make a big impact at a party, corporate event or even a wedding.

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The Magic Lens

In this episode, Mark shows why the Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens is his favorite!

With such shallow depth of field, this lens is great for getting out of a bind with undesireable backgrounds. The 85mm isn’t for everyone though, as it can be extremely difficult to get the focus where you want it with such shallow depth of field.

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Studio Session-084

White Paper Tricks

Mark explains why white seamless paper is so versatile in the studio. Using unique lighting and making something called a “gobo,” you can create different and exciting backgrounds that look like they were shot on black.

Seamless paper can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors. Try using some of these techniques on different colors as well to see the effects you can get.

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Simple Soft Light

Join Mark as he demonstrates how to take great pictures in any environment with no flashes or reflectors. The key to great soft light outdoors is finding “open shade.” Mark travels around downtown Phoenix pointing out opportunities for great outdoor portraits.

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