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Skin Retouching

In this episode, Mark shows his tricks for fast and efficient beauty retouching.

Watch as he shows you quick ways to fix skin issues, hair problems and more. Mastering these techniques will improve your beauty photos, and speed up your post-production time!

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Using Hard Light for Portraits

In this episode, Mark debunks the myth that hard light can’t be used for beautiful portraits.

The key is positioning the light properly and watching the shadows. Using strobes with no modifier or just a basic reflector can deliver some amazing results.

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Depth of Field

In this episode I’m talking all about Depth of Field. Three things impact Depth of Field:

  1. Aperture
  2. Focal Length
  3. Distance from subject

After posting this video to YouTube a few people commented that I left out sensor size. Well the truth is that sensor size does not determine depth of field… but it does influence it. Let me explain.

If you have a smaller sensor and a full frame sensor both shooting at the same distance with the same aperture and focal length the DOF will be the same for both. Therefore, sensor size does not determine DOF. The problem is that with a small sensor you’ll need to use a wider angle lens or shoot farther from the subject to get the same scene as a larger sensor – and that will impact DOF because you’ve changed one of the three deciding factors.

So does sensor size impact DOF? No. But it does change how you have to shoot and that in turn does impact DOF. So yes, sensor size ultimately impacts DOF.

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Thursday morning I continued my quest to shoot 20 models for my “Beauty” portfolio. Five models down, 15 to go.  Katie stopped in and we shot for a couple of hours.  Diane is doing all of the hair and makeup for these photo sessions. Her work is incredible. Awesome work Katie and Diane!

Katie Reed
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Ceara came in to the studio on Wednesday for some beauty shots.  This was our first time to work together and I can’t wait to have her back.  We got some terrific shots from her session.  Here’s one that I really liked.

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