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Gallery Season

It’s the season for gallery shows.  I’ll be entering a few shows this year and we are even playing with the idea of hosting a show at the studio this spring.  Once we hear from the different galleries I’ll post an entry letting everyone know where you can view our gallery prints.

This is a photo I took two years ago that I’m printing for the first time this year.  The first run will 13×19 and limited to 50.  If you’re an art buyer please contact us for pricing.

© 2005 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Old Time Cigarettes

I had a blast shooting Joanna Ke today. We are working on some retro looking shots and decided to use some cigarettes and holder.  I really liked how the shots turned out.  We’re going to be shooting again on Friday so look for more photos later this week.

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Test Shoots

This weekend we had an open casting call for models who’d like to work with us in the future.  We asked models to come to the studio so we could meet them, shoot a simple head shot and a single outfit.  We do this two or three times a year because great models in Phoenix tend to move to LA or New York and we are in constant need of new talent.  We met some great models and everyone did a great job.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent.  If you’re a model in the Phoenix metro area, and have a portfolio, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Here’s one of the head shots I took yesterday. The model’s name is Katie.

© Mark Wallace/SnapFactory


We shot a huge Valentine’s Day campaign for a lingerie company a couple of weeks ago.  Next week our photos should start showing up on advertisements, in-store displays, web advertisements, etc.  Here’s one of my favorite shots from the session. Featured in this shot are their gloves, purse, necklace and pink wig. Diane did all of the hair and makeup.

© 2006 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory


I had the privilege of shooting with Chanel again this weekend.  We were playing around with some dark and moody lighting.  Here’s one of the shots that I really liked.  Great work Chanel!