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This week Mark Wallace shows you how to take a series of photos and stitch them together into a large, seamless panoramic photo. Try this technique in traditional situations like landscapes but also experiment indoors for some unique views!

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Viewer Feedback

In this week’s episode Mark answers 12 questions from viewers in this viewer feedback special. Topics include: setting your camera’s picture control, exposure compensation, understanding the lumisphere, wind screens, focus issues, Lightroom tricks, learning from failure and more.

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Rear Curtain Sync

In this episode Mark will show how some cameras offer the ability to fire the flash at just before the second curtain closes. This is called rear or second curtain sync and it is used to freeze motion at the end of the exposure. When making long exposures while firing a flash rear curtain sync creates the effect of motion blur trailing the main subject.

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Shooting with the Nifty 50

In this episode Mark will show us how to get photos with that really shallow depth of field and typically overexposed to really blow out the detail in the background, just like some of the photographers that we feature on “How’d They Do That?”. To see Mark’s results with each of the different cameras, visit the AdoramaTV flickr page here: Nifty 50 shots

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