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Mark’s Favorite Lighting Setups

In the first episode of Mark Wallace: LIVE, Mark walks through nine of his favorite lighting setups. Mark walks through the gear used, options for the setups and even shows the results of the shoot live during the workshop. This workshop is 3 hours of information that’s perfect for the beginner or intermediate photographer.

This workshop is available for download now!
Price: $30USD

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Here are a few screenshots from the video.

Mark walks through each setup step by step

Mark describes how the light surrounds the subject

Everything that Mark shoots is shown during the workshop – even the mistakes!

The workshop moves right along. There are 9 different lighting setups, about one every 20 minutes.

Mark first demonstrates the lighting setup then shows the real-time results.

Mark quickly walks through post production options in Lightroom.

Mark walks through a basic 3-light setup with speedlights.


Chat helpers Shannon and Marissa take questions from viewers so Mark can answer them during the workshop.

The workshop includes tips for using specific light modifiers like the Flashbender by Rogue.

The lighting gear in use.

Mark shows the actual images in Lightroom and give you tips for post production.

Mark demonstrates the “vertical clamshell” setup.

Mark demonstrates one of his favorite tricks; creating a gobo from black foil.

Mark gives a brief demonstration of the new Sekonic L478DR and shows how to control speedlights remotely.

Learn how to create soft light for glamorous boudoir shots.



Studio Lighting Essentials for Portrait Photography

Studio Lighting Essentials for Portrait Photography is everything you need to get started in the world of Studio Lighting. This workshop was written and hosted by Mark Wallace. Mark is known for his easy to understand teaching style and ability to take concepts and put them into practical use.

This workshop is available for download now!
Price: $89USD
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The digital download is packed with content. Topics include:

  • Direction of light
  • Understanding shadows
  • Properties of light
  • Equipment Essentials
  • Light modifiers, grip and expendables
  • Understanding the 3-light setup
  • Metering techniques
  • Color theory
  • Setting your white balance
  • Color management and calibration

The DVD includes over 20 lighting setups. Mark walks you through each lighting setup and then shows you the results from his camera. Setups include:

  • Simple headshots
  • Fashion
  • Glamour
  • Beauty
  • Portraits
  • Lighting for high contrast black and white
  • One-light setups for small studios
  • Advanced setups for large studios

Bonus Content:

  • Using the X-Rite Color Checker Passport to get perfectly calibrated color – every time.
  • Dragging the shutter
  • Understanding flash duration and refresh rates

creativeLIVE: Speedlights 101 with Mark Wallace

Join Mark Wallace May 18-20, 2012 as he heads back to Seattle to teach another workshop at creativeLIVE. At “Speedlights 101” Mark walks you through everything you wanted to know about Canon and Nikon speed lights. Mark says, “Once you know what’s happening with your camera and flash you can do almost anything.”

Day One is all about understanding the principles of flash photography. Mark will give you a solid foundation for working with your speed light so you can worry less about the technical stuff and more about creating stellar pictures. Learn how to control the ambient light exposure independent of the flash exposure. You’ll learn how your speedlight meters light so you can get the exact result you imagine.

Day Two Mark shows you how to get the flash off your camera to open a whole new realm of lighting possibilities. From flash modes to modifiers, you’ll learn how to control the light in nearly any shooting situation. There will be plenty of live demonstrations and lots of time for questions from live audience members. High speed sync, rear curtain synce, bouncing the flash, controlling groups of flashes and more!

Day Three is nearly six hours of shooting demonstrations with speedlights. Mark will show you how to shoot some of the most common scenarios: portraits, indoor events, outdoor nighttime events, and group portraits. Mark will be shooting inside, outside, in bright sun and in dark rooms. Learn how to put what you learned in day one and two into practice.

Want to be in Seattle with Mark as a part of the live audience? Make a 60-second(ish) video explaining why YOU should be in the audience and post the link on twitter to @creativeLIVE with the hashtag #WallaceLIVE. Creativity is always a plus!

Even if you’re not in the Seattle audience, you can tune in live from your computer. It’s free, you can ask Mark questions and interact with a huge, worldwide community of photographers just like you.

If you can’t join us live you can pre-order a recorded version of the course for just $99! This is a steal for 3 full days of speedlight training. The price goes up to $149 at 9am May 18, so buy early to save!

See you May 18-20, 2012 at creativeLIVE!

Click here to enroll or purchase the course!


creativeLIVE: Anatomy of a Photoshoot

Join us for a LIVE ONLINE workshop with Mark Wallace as he dissects a commercial photoshoot to reveal each step at its most basic level. From technical aspects of lighting and color, to real-world experiences working with art directors, make-up artists, models, and other professionals, you’ll have a firsthand look as he puts each piece together to complete several complete concepts from start to finish.

This unique course explores the fundamentals of commercial photography, from the smallest jobs to the biggest productions.

$150 for all there days. Includes PDF downloads of workflow templates, a working Celtx project and Mark’s Creative Process mind map.

Click here to purchase from creativeLIVE (this will take you to the creativeLIVE website).

Course Overview

Session 1 (recorded live August 26, 2011)

Welcome Opening Banter for Day 1
9:00 am Introduction
9:15 am Direction of Light: Setting the mood
9:30 am Metering
10:15 am Understanding Dynamic Range
10:30 am Understanding Histograms
11:00 am Effective Size: Hard vs Soft light
11:15 am Understanding the Inverse Square Law
11:30 am Light Modifiers and the shape of light
BONUS Lunchtime Q&A with Mark
1:00 pm Controlling Light with Grids
1:30 pm Watt Seconds and other important things
1:45 pm Color Theory part 1
2:00 pm Color Theory part 2
PDF Handout Color Theory
2:30 pm Calibrating your monitor and printer
3:00 pm Mark’s Lightroom Workflow
PDF Handout Lightroom Workflow
3:30 pm Wrap Up and Q&A

Session 2 (recorded live August 27, 2011)

Welcome Opening Banter for Day 2
9:00 am Introduction
9:15 am Exercise: Purpose Worksheet
PDF Handout Purpose Worksheet
9:30 am Failing with Purpose
10:00 am Example: Prep Shoot for Testing
11:00 am How Much Should I Charge?
PDF Handout creativeLIVE Workflow Example
1:00 pm Creativity: from Idea to Product
1:45 pm Sharing your Ideas: Creating the Plan
Celtx Project creativeLIVE Plan (download)
2:00 pm Working with a Team (Snapfactory Q&A)
2:30 pm Working with Models
PDF Handout Model Release Form
BONUS From the Model’s point of view
3:00 pm Commercial Shoot Workflow
PDF Handout Commercial Shoot Workflow
3:15 pm Q&A
3:30 pm The Studio Environment Setup
3:45 pm Wrap Up and Q&A

Session 3 (recorded live August 28, 2011)

Welcome Opening Banter for Day 3
9:00 am Planning the LIVE shoot
9:30 am Dialing in the Lighting
10:00 am Q&A
10:15 am Quick Test Shot
10:45 am Photoshoot: Foil Dress with Carly
11:30 am Lightroom Workflow
12:00 pm Q&A
12:45 pm Preparing for the Second Shoot
1:00 pm Photoshoot: Deep V Dress with Michelle
1:45 pm Photoshoot: Closeup with Michelle
2:00 pm Photoshoot: Tether Tools Table
creativeLIVE Credits and Thanks
Snapfactory Thank you
Bonus Tether Tools Proof of Concept
2:45 pm Mark’s Closing Thoughts

Click here to purchase from creativeLIVE (this will take you to the creativeLIVE website).


Free Photography Workshop with Mark Wallace + Big Announcement!

Join Mark Wallace and special guests at Levi’s Photo Workshop on Thursday, October 28th at 7:00pm in New York City.



Bring your camera! We’ll have high-end Profoto Pro-8 gear for you to use in the studio. Mark and others will be giving pointers on studio lighting and photography in general.

Once the shooting is finished Mark will be sharing his thoughts on making photos that have an impact and how you can stand out in the crowded photography marketplace.


Mark will also be making a big announcement about events in 2011 that you could be a part of. You’ll be the first to know about our exciting big secret!

This is an evening of fun, networking and inspiration that you won’t want to miss.

This event is FREE!

The Levi’s® Photo Workshop is a resource for the photographers of New York City. Whether it’s to take classes, rent cameras, stock up on film, make stupid faces in their photo booth with your best guy or gal [ note – you may end up in our Yearbook project with Hamburger Eyes! ], or just to pop in and see what’s being shot in our studio space, the Workshop will be all things to all photographers, be they point-and-shooters or professionals.


Shots from the road

The Mark Wallace US Meetup Tour sponsored by PocketWizard continues to be a blast. We’ve been to Miami and Seattle and are headed to NY tomorrow. At each of the stops I’m encouraging participants to upload their shots to the Mark Wallace Tour Flickr Group. Follow the link to see all of the shots (or upload your own).

We’ve had some pretty amazing shots along the way. Here are a few that give you a hint at the type of fun we’re having at the event. We even have a bonus stop action video shot by Adrian Collier (click the photos for credit and Flickr info):




Pocket Wizard Event

Mark Wallace Presentation

Shooting the shooter

Getting Low

Ted Shooting Trixie




Mark Wallace and SPA crew

SPA Studio & Mark Wallace from adriancollier on Vimeo.

Come Hang Out… San Francisco or New York


I’m going to be in San Francisco and New York in the next few weeks and I’d love to hang out with you. I’m hosting a walkabout in each city. What the heck is a walkabout? Well, simply put, it’s when a bunch of photographers get together, walk around and take pictures. Scott Kelby calls them photo walks.

San Francisco: Sep 27, 2009. 10:30am

We’ll be meeting at Union Square Park. I’ll be bringing along my nifty ColorChecker Passport for anyone who wants to take a look at it. I’ll also try to bring a few more toys for people to look at and play with. It all depends on how much I can put in my baggage for the flight over. I’m thinking something small and portable may be cool. There are a few other surprises I’m working on, but I can’t spill the beans just yet.

New York City: Oct 24, 2009.

I’m working out the time and location for New York. It will definitely be in Manhattan. I’ll have a bit more time in New York and I’m working on having more toys for people to look at and play with. I’m working on having a few PocketWizards around, some Profoto gear, and of course the new ColorChecker Passport. Other surprises need to be confirmed.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates on these events. The admission is free and everyone is welcome to join us! If you think you may make it please leave a comment so I know what to plan on.

illumine 2009 Recap

L-R Floyd Bannister, Brian Smyth, Ryan NeVille, Gwen Lindvig, Craig Bolton, Amanda Castillo, Jade Hannah, Nico Nguyen, Chuck King, Lilach Shokargi. Seated: Mark Wallace (they made me do it). Not pictured: Diane Wallace, Chad Westover and Jeff Caroli.

I had a terrific time hanging out with a great group of people this past weekend. Floyd Bannister opened the doors of Loft 19 and allowed us to play in his 10,000 square foot playground, um, studio. Students were able to use Pro 7 packs, ringflashes, gigantic parabolic umbrellas, a huge 35 cyc, magnum reflectors, grids, beauty dishes, Compact lights, Acute packs, and many other tools I’m sure I’m forgetting. The Loft 19 experience is something that’s hard to match in any studio.

We began the weekend with me teaching students about the qualities of light and how you can use different light shaping tools to create specific lighting styles. We followed that by setting up a basic 3 light setup. We then began to experiment with different lighting designs and students were encouraged to experiment and create their own. And create they did! Here are a couple of shots from our students. Great work guys!

Jade as shot by Brian Smyth. Image copyright 2009 Brian Smyth

Jade as shot by Chuck King. Image copyright 2009 Chuck King.

Gwen as shot by Nico Nguyen. Image copyright 2009 Nico Nguyen.

Jade as shot by Ryan NeVille. Image copyright 2009 Ryan NeVille.