creativeLIVE: Speedlights 101 with Mark Wallace

Join Mark Wallace May 18-20, 2012 as he heads back to Seattle to teach another workshop at creativeLIVE. At “Speedlights 101” Mark walks you through everything you wanted to know about Canon and Nikon speed lights. Mark says, “Once you know what’s happening with your camera and flash you can do almost anything.”

Day One is all about understanding the principles of flash photography. Mark will give you a solid foundation for working with your speed light so you can worry less about the technical stuff and more about creating stellar pictures. Learn how to control the ambient light exposure independent of the flash exposure. You’ll learn how your speedlight meters light so you can get the exact result you imagine.

Day Two Mark shows you how to get the flash off your camera to open a whole new realm of lighting possibilities. From flash modes to modifiers, you’ll learn how to control the light in nearly any shooting situation. There will be plenty of live demonstrations and lots of time for questions from live audience members. High speed sync, rear curtain synce, bouncing the flash, controlling groups of flashes and more!

Day Three is nearly six hours of shooting demonstrations with speedlights. Mark will show you how to shoot some of the most common scenarios: portraits, indoor events, outdoor nighttime events, and group portraits. Mark will be shooting inside, outside, in bright sun and in dark rooms. Learn how to put what you learned in day one and two into practice.

Want to be in Seattle with Mark as a part of the live audience? Make a 60-second(ish) video explaining why YOU should be in the audience and post the link on twitter to @creativeLIVE with the hashtag #WallaceLIVE. Creativity is always a plus!

Even if you’re not in the Seattle audience, you can tune in live from your computer. It’s free, you can ask Mark questions and interact with a huge, worldwide community of photographers just like you.

If you can’t join us live you can pre-order a recorded version of the course for just $99! This is a steal for 3 full days of speedlight training. The price goes up to $149 at 9am May 18, so buy early to save!

See you May 18-20, 2012 at creativeLIVE!

Click here to enroll or purchase the course!

  • Wes Linda

    I want to go SOOOOOO bad!!!

  • Jennifer Eliuk

    I have a solid foundation of photography but am new to speedlights. I am a total flash beginner, would this class be right for me? Or is this a little more advanced, much like Don’s creativeLIVE class? I bought that one and it was great but it was too advanced, I still don’t really understand my flash controls and where to even freakin start when I pull it out. Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

  • Mark Wallace


    This workshop is perfect for you. It explains how flashes work, what “TTL” means, all the little things that happen when you press the shutter release. Then we move on and show how to control everything. I think it’s just what you’re looking for.

  • Holli Margell

    This looks like the perfect class for me, and I want to enter the video contest since I learn best hands on. But, I have one question about the duration of each class day. I looked at the Creative Live site and it doesn’t give any specifics other than the day…and I need to arrange child care! So a ball park figure of time per day would be most helpful:)


  • Anonymous

    Mark, I was wondering are you going to put this on a dvd in a later time? Also can I purchase this class a later time If I miss this Live class?

  • Anonymous

    I use manual set up with a light meter and radio triggers with a range of flashes will your course cover manual settings for those of us who prefer not to use Nikon/Cannon flashes?


  • Anonymous

    creativeLIVE don’t do dvd’s of their courses, but if you purchase the course you can watch any time after the event, or download the videos. Its cheaper to purchase before the live showing ends!

  • Bob Aagaard

    How long do you have to download the videos, once they are available? Can you keep them on your computer for later viewing?

  • Grace Danson

    You’ll learn how your speedlight meters light so you can get the exact result you imagine.

  • Grace Danson

    How long do you have to download the videos, once they are available? Can you keep them on your computer for later viewing?