Daniel’s Top 10

Daniel spent much of the day with us yesterday helping to build some of our Ikea furniture. Along the way he introduced us to some new music (A Fine Frenzy) and also fixed all of my furniture building issues. He took some snapshots along the way.  Today he sent me this Top 10 list and I just had to share it.

My ten key take-aways from an afternoon with the Wallace Duo.

  1. Ikea Cafeteria = good grub
  2. “Udden” apparently is a word.
  3. Mark has the looks to ignite the flame of random cougars in the Ikea loading area. Boys, please control your single-mothers!
  4. New studio location very nice!
  5. New studio classroom awesome.
  6. Sorting fasteners and cross-member orientation both require keen attention to detail. AKA: Re-work sucks.
  7. Mark has no soft spot in his heart for bugs.
  8. It feels very gratifying to build something, even if it just requires assembly of a box of parts.
  9. A Fine Frenzy is instantly likeable for a variety of musical palates/backgrounds.
  10. Hitchcock-inspired snapshots require a steadier hand and better composition/cropping than currently available.

Daniel and Mark after a snack at Ikea (Photo by Diane).

Daniel’s “Hitchcock” shot.  Yep, number 10 was right on the money.