DVD series in pre-production

I’ve had many, many requests to offer my Studio Lighting 101 and Digital Photography 101 workshops on DVD. A lot of people just live to far away to attend the workshops. I’m happy to say that we are now in pre-production.

What does “pre-production” mean? Well, I have to translate everything that usually happens in a classroom and studio to a flat 2D screen. There is a lot of location scouting, creating storyboards, planning animations, research, and drinking coffee. Pre-production includes creating shooting schedules, finding local talent (models, camera operators, assistants), getting permits, etc. Oh – and did I mention writing?

The pre-production should be finished by the end of January with shooting starting in February. This is a large project and I estimate it will take about 6 weeks to shoot and edit. Once that’s done it takes another 3 weeks for Amazon to get all their ducks in a row (yes, it will be available on Amazon).

We’ll also need artwork for the DVD set which means I’ll be working with some graphic designers along the way. There may also be a workbook that accompanies the video so you can take notes and have a field manual when you are doing the exercises.

Yes, there are exercises for every lesson on the DVD and we’ll have a Flickr group so you can post your results and discuss them with others who have the DVDs.

Once the DVDs are finished I’ll be working on a teacher’s guide so that schools and photo clubs will be able to use the DVDs.

The first set of DVDs will be focused on basic photography – a translation of my 8-week course. That should be done by the end of March. Once that’s out the door I’ll be working on some studio lighting DVDs.

Along the way we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos and updates. We’ll also be posting new Digital Photography One on One videos – don’t worry.

This is going to be a big project and I’m looking forward to taking on the challenge. I’m sure it will be worth the effort when it’s all done.

  • http://www.tomjanz.com TomJanz

    My prayers have been answered!!!!! Cant wait Mark

  • Lori Giles

    Mark, this is very exciting for me. As I have heard for many years about you and your classes from my brother Bill. I used to dream of how fun it would be to be able to go to Arizona and take one of your classes. Of course it would have been a great excuse to see my bro too! Reality of couse kept that from happening.

    Anyway, can't wait, Lori (Hanson) Giles

  • http://blog.snapfactory.com SnapFactory

    Wow, I'm honored to get a comment from you! Bill is such a terrific guy and he speaks so highly of you. I'll miss our conversations over coffee now that he's up in the rainy northeast. Put reality on hold and go visit him. I'm sure it would be worth it!

  • Craig JC

    Alright…will be looking forward to the dvd's

  • http://jonathanyoungblood.com/ jonathan

    badass. i'm glad you're doing this.

    you already have graphic designers lined up?

  • http://blog.snapfactory.com SnapFactory

    I'm talking to some designers but none locked in yet. With our giant budget I may end up being the designer myself. 😉

  • debbi

    Can we get our email on a waiting list so we will be notified when it's available?

  • http://blog.snapfactory.com SnapFactory

    Yep, you can put your name on our list right here:


  • lisa sherrill

    Hi Mark:
    Wow…what a huge task you are taking on. We do this for some of our courses here at SOU and it is quite a challenge to get everything just right. I wish you luck with this project.
    Lisa Cochran-Sherrill

  • http://www.KomailNoori.com/ Komail Noori

    Hope we can also have a chance of taking your DVD workshop soon. Wish you best of luck.


  • http://www.KomailNoori.com/ Komail Noori

    Still waiting for the DVDs. Can you give the revised estimated time of the launch of those DVDs?

    Komail Noori

  • http://www.sinohotel.com/english/tours/huangshan/index.html Huangshan Tour

    Great post!

  • Alyssa Darwin

    I’m happy to say that we are now in pre-production.