• Teemu Jääskelä

    The best video so far! Thank you so much!!

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    Fantastically awesome video Mark, very easy to understand, straight forward and well worth the wait.

    Thanks for sharing with the world :)

  • http://hhphotoz.com Michael Hawkins

    Great job with this video Mark!!

  • http://geonjen.blogspot.com Greg Woolf


    I love your rails in the tracking of your shot.
    What do you use for your dolly on those rails. 😉

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    Wow grate page !! phanks !!

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    Thanks a lot for this, a very well done presentation. I will come back here often.

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    We have a homemade Dolly that Jeff, our video camera operator, made. We're going to make another video showing how to build one soon.

  • Simon

    Great site and very helpful, I have just a quick question. In the 6 light setup (with the 2 45degree boards and subtraction panels) do you measure the light from the camera position or where the model is going to be and point the light meter towards the lights? Just trying to get my head around it!



  • http://blog.snapfactory.com SnapFactory

    Good question Simon. That setup uses several lighting ratios so you'd meter both to the lights and directly toward the camera. First meter from the models position to the lights to get the ratios correct, then meter towards the camera to get the final reading.

    Take a look at this video for a better explanation. http://www.vimeo.com/1707023

    Let me know if that helps, if not I'll try to do a better job explaining it for you.

  • Simon

    Hi, I think that's clear to me, I'm still a bit confused on the final reading issue as I would think that the lights coming from behind the model's position won't read on the meter so is that just knowing the effec the rear lights are having?

    Also, I've got a Sekonic L308B and despite reading the instructions many times get confused over when to use the lumiphere dome or the lumidisc. Is is the former for when you point to the camera and the latter when reading the indivual lights?

    Thanks again! Keep it up!


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    Great video. Thanks for the detailed setups. I just wanted to say that I appreciate your work in getting this info out.

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    Awesome video, very informative and I have learn a lot. Thanks for sharing, hope to learn more from you. Keep up the good work.

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    Hi, can you briefly explain why the grid on the sobtboxin set up 2? Thanks…