The episode that never was…


Back in 2009 we began working on Digital Photography 1on1 episode 12. It was a follow up to Episode 11, basic lighting setups. However, due to some issues with our camera and unusable footage this episode never went to YouTube. We’ve always shot these episodes on a low budget but back in 2009 the budget was zero. We used older cameras and everything was done on a volunteer basis. So, sometimes things didn’t work out and that’s what happened to the lost episode.

Episode 12 was supposed to focus on one-light setups. Here are a few images that I created for the episode, unfortunately the video didn’t make it so you’ll have to settle for pretty pictures.


  • Joël Cox

    Great idea to do an one light setup video!

  • Michael

    Loving those last two images!

  • timwatson

    Once again you have excelled Mark! Well done mate.

  • fotografiasi

    Thank you for sharing all those ideas with us

  • stefantell

    Interesting, looking forward to the new episode. The last one was really good. I would love to see a “companion post” to the videos with just the setups and photos on the blog, side by side. Would be really helpful, now I just pause the video here and there, but a side by side on the blog might be easier? Thanks.

  • debbismirnoff

    These are just great!

    I need a prop microphone like you show in one shot. Will you tell me where you purchased it please?

  • SnapFactory

    It was a real microphone that we bought at Guitar Center.

  • SnapFactory

    You can see the companion posts to all of our episodes on :)

  • debbismirnoff

    Thanks so much!

  • Topaz

    I love the sixth photo, it was very classical.. something to be remembered and never be forgotten, you really had nice concepts..

  • Financial Spread Betting

    I just love the post, especially the pic (lady in a bra) LOL

  • chris scott

    Has the newest episode been posted anywhere yet? Just want to be sure I haven't missed it! Been looking forward to this one for a while now! Thanks, love what you're doing here!

  • Nas

    Whatever happened to this episode, number 12? Is it still in production? Mark?
    You're hitting the road really soon, please don't forget about it.


  • carpet cleaning lexington

    Great pics for a great photographer.

  • Shanghai Tour

    Great post!

  • Hangzhou Tour

    Great post!

  • Fabulous90

    I loved the post and photographs too and specially the lady with diamond necklace.

  • alessandra ambrosio

    I loved the post and photographs too and specially the lady with diamond necklace.

  • Nick Lovell

    Hey! Did this video ever end up getting posted? “Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 12” was on depth of field, would love to see the video behind these shots!

  • Doug

    Didn’t the set for the last photo come later? Watched a video with the construction bts at some point. Great Series.

  • Reason4334

    Hi Mark, You recently used the first image in a video on how to use the x-rite color system to calibrate your photo colors in Lightroom. The question I have is, were you using the Picture Perfect application from On1 in that video? If you were, how does that application rate, for you, compared to PS or PSE?