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Continuing my “Everything is Inspiration” series I’d like to share with you some of my favorite resources on the web. Many of these have counterparts; like a podcast or magazine. I’ll point it out if there is bonus material.

This is a list of items that I watch very closely. I read the blogs, listen to the podcasts, watch the pages. I rarely miss new material on these sites because they are awesome.

Full disclosure: I’ve had some of my work featured or shown on some of these sites. But I’m not biased, these are great sites!

The Sites:

How Design. This is the HOW magazine counterpart. It is a treasure trove of ideas. The magazine is expensive but you can find a lot of the information on their site for free. This site is targeted to graphic designers but I find that graphic design and photography overlap a lot. The business models are very, very similar. If a self promo works for a design firm it may also work for a studio.

Communication Arts. I did freelance work at a small design firm on and off during the 90’s. Every time I was at the office they had Communication Arts magazines laying everywhere. It was like crack. I’ve been a fan ever since. Read, love, enjoy.

Wired. I’m a geek. I love this magazine for it’s awesome photography, it’s dedication to layout and graphic design, and it’s typeface snobbery. The site will give you a taste for the magazine. I rarely miss an article.

Veerle’s Blog. A terrific site dedicated to graphic design. Tons of Illustrator tips and tricks. There are also some terrific articles and thought provoking links.

PopPhoto. This is a site that has articles from several magazines. The blogs are worth the visit. Lots of tips and tricks. I’ve been fortunate to be featured a few times on the PopPhoto Flash blog.

StudioLighting.net What can I say? Bill and Ed are terrific guys and the LightSource podcast is amazing. Episode 44 was by far the best (OK, maybe not).

Matt Hill Art. I met Matt a few months ago in New York and have been a fan ever since. Don’t miss his podcast, OnCreativity.

PDN Online. PDN is just a great resource to know what’s going on in the industry. It’s a great place to discover new artists and products.

Chase Jarvis. Cool photographer who shares. Read the blog, watch the videos, click the links. Good stuff.

Val’s Art Diary. She’s funny and paints. This weekly show is great because Val explains how her thoughts translate into her paintings.

This American Life. I LOVE this show. Let me repeat, I LOVE THIS SHOW. It’s never the same twice and it’s always bizarre in a good way. I never miss it.

Wiretap. If This American Life is marijuana then Wiretap is cocaine. Yeah, it’s that addicting. Unfortunately there is no official podcast so if you miss the broadcast you’re out of luck… Unless you know the secret link.

Planet Money. How is a podcast about money creative? Well it helps me understand things about money that I wouldn’t understand on my own. And unless you’re living in a hole you probably know that money is a big part of running a business and sometimes you have to be a bit creative with money.

Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Yeah, I love it. It fits into the “make me laugh” category and it always delivers.

What did I miss?

Add a comment with any of your favorite sources of inspiration on the web.

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    I can NOT believe he missed TED. Ted talks- will definitely give you new ideas on the world around you. Even if it's not related to photography.

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