Interactive Shoot, We’re Almost There

Our Interactive Shoot is approaching quickly. The Pro-8 arrived earlier and we’ve had some time to work with it a bit – it’s amazing. We have a few more things to wrap up before February 19th and I wanted to let you know where we stand.

Madeleine Hall.jpg
Madeleine Hall. Photo Credit: The Agency Arizona.

Our models have been selected from The Agency Arizona. We’ll be shooting with Erika Shelton, Madeleine Hall (pictured above), Katie Masters, and Carly Vollmert. The models will be coming to the studio tomorrow for their fitting session with Erin Markis, the Wardrobe Stylist. Diane (MUA) will also be on hand to evaluate skin tones and start prepping the looks for each girl. Heather Blaine, our hairstylist, may also be on hand depending on her schedule. Of course we’ll shoot behind the scenes video and stills and tweet what’s going on as it happens.


On Monday we’ll be heading up to Loft19 to do a quick run through of the shoot with Floyd Bannister, the owner of Loft19. We’ll be shooting in several locations in Loft19, it’s a huge studio and so we’ll have some options. Because we’re only shooting for 9 hours we need to make sure we have our plan in place for set changes, lighting equipment, color schemes, etc. Loft19 has a lot of equipment and backdrops and we just want to make sure we’re in sync before we arrive on Thursday. We’ll be shooting video and tweeting this meeting as well.

The final piece of the puzzle is our wardrobe. We have several designers that will be loaning us dresses and outfits but we still have a few more things to finalize before we can make a public announcement about what we’re shooting. We should have all the paperwork in place by Monday to give you an update.

There are a few things you usually need to do to have clothes on loan for a shoot. Here’s a list of things stores and designers usually want to know:

  • Date and location of shoot.
  • Name of Photographer
  • Name of Wardrobe stylist
  • Publications that will cary the images and dates of release.
  • Statement in writing that shows they will be credited in articles or photos.
  • Insurance policy that covers all clothing on loan.

All of this is usually written in a “pull letter” that the designer can take to stores and designers. Once the store or designer agrees to the terms the Wardrobe Stylist can then “pull” the clothes for the shoot (usually the day before or day of the shoot). Normally the clothes go back to the store the day of or early morning after the shoot.

I’ll be posting more about the shoot tomorrow. I hope all of the steps of the process are helpful to you. Let us know if you have questions or would like to know more details about anything. You can post a comment (below) or send us a tweet.

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