Introducing the PlusX

The PocketWizard Plus®X is the newest release from PocketWizard and it is designed to make wireless triggering simple. During this Webinar, Mark demonstrates how to get up and running with the PlusX in a matter of minutes. This new transceiver is compatible with all PocketWizard transmitters and receivers, making it a great addition to any photographer’s gear.

Equipment List:

  • PlusX
  • Nikon D3S
  • Nikon 70-200
  • Benro Travel Angel A269
  • White foam core boards
  • Blue seamless paper
  • Profoto Acute2 1200 Pack w/ D4 head
  • Profoto beauty dish
  • Profoto D1 Air 500
  • Profoto 2×3 Softboxes
  • Nikon SB900 Speedlight
  • ExpoImaging Rogue XL Pro Flashbender with Soft Box Attachment
  • Tether Tools Aero Table
  • Matthews Stands
  • Profoto Acute B2 600 Air Battery Pack
  • Profoto Acute B head
  • Profoto Magnum Reflector
  • orange USB TetherPro cable
  • Sekonic L758DR
  • Manfrotto SuperClamp
  • Manfrotto Magic Arm
  • Canon 1DsMKii with Really Right Stuff L bracket
  • Canon 580EX II Speedlight