Investing in the future

I’m getting excited about the upcoming workshops next month.  Last year we invested a lot of time and money in our studio and this year we’re doing the same with our workshops. We’re adding new content, more samples, new videos, and we are (finally) going to have a video projector and some other A/V equipment.

We’re adding on-site printing so students at our studio lighting and weekend edition workshops will be able to make quick proofs of their work.  We’re also getting a new computer in the studio.  We’re updating our student guides too.

I’ve begun working on new content for a workshop on “street photography” although I hate calling it that.  And with the new A/V equipment in the studio we’ll have more options in the future.  We may even bring in some guests for special events.  2007 is going to be exciting for us, I can’t wait.

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