Making a Photobooth

In this episode, Mark shows you how to create a photobooth setup for your next party or corporate gathering! The key to this is the white foam core boards, also known as V-flats or bookends. These allow the flash to bounce so you get great light from only one speedlight. You also should use a wide-angle lens to fit many people in the pictures!

Mark uses his PocketWizard PlusIII’s to trigger the camera and take fun pictures. If you don’t have wireless remotes, you can also use a shutter release cable to achieve the same results. Using Lightroom, Mark is able to quickly create a slideshow to show the guests their photos. In the next episode, Mark will show you how to do that to make a big impact at a party, corporate event or even a wedding.

Gear used in this video

  • Robert Orsa

    In order for the focus and fire feature to work, do you have to have two Plus III’s? Can you use one Plus III as the remote in hand and a Plus X on the camera and still have the camera focus on its own?