We spent more time working on the studio today.  I took a few more iPhone snapshots of the classroom space while we were there.  I think we’ll be finished with everything by next week but things are in pretty good shape now.

The nearly finished coffee/tea/snack area and our new (larger) video screen. Also notice Luka’s dog bowls on the floor. He made another visit to the studio today.

The new tables and chairs that Bill helped build yesterday.  We still have nine more chairs on the way, so it’s going to be cozy.  We are also going to be hanging some photographs on the walls (of course).  If we have room some half height book cases will be installed for that great bookstore/coffee house feeling.

The view from the back of the class.  The small table at the front is for my laptop.  Tomorrow we’ll be installing a white board to the right of the video screen.

Another view of the class space.

The neat thing about this room is that we designed it to be flexible.  For our Photoshop workshops the tables will be arranged differently so students can sit behind the table with a laptop.  For the other workshops we will arrange the space in a semi-circle so everyone can share and discuss.  Our first class is Tuesday night, I can’t wait!