Scarlet and Red Epic

In case you missed it Red just announced a new system for their DSMC (Digital Still and Motion Camera) with two brains; Scarlet and Red Epic. Chase Jarvis talked about this possibility a few weeks ago and now it’s become a reality.


For a sneak peek at the marketing materials click here.  I’m not sure how long these will be live so forgive me if the link is broken.

The implications for photographers, like myself, who shoot both video and still is pretty staggering.  For the cost of a medium format camera I can have both a high end still and HD system that rivals film. Ultimately this lowers costs and increases quality and productivity.

I’m going to beg, borrow, steal one of these systems as soon as I can. I’m just about $50k short at the moment but hopefully a local rental shop will start stocking this system. I can’t wait.

I find this appropriate since I’m just a few hours away from getting a look at a Red One system. Who knows, maybe there will be some used Ones on the market soon.

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