Thank You Miami!

I had a blast in Miami this past weekend and I’d like to say “Thank You” to all of you who made it to the Meetup. MAPS Studios was a terrific location.

The evening before the meetup a few of us went to Books & Books Cafe’ to have some coffee and chat about photography. I really enjoyed hanging out and meeting a few new friends:



The next day we were all in the studio having a blast. Here are a few shots from the event taken by some of our participants:

A few of the attendees posed for a group shot. This was lit using a single Profoto AcuteB 600R head.

Mark Demonstrating the PocketWizard FlexTT5 with Model Jocelyn Binder.

Mark outside demonstrating High Speed Synch with the PocketWizard Mini and Flex.

Mark Wallace - Miami Meetup
Mark demonstrating the Xrite ColorChecker Passport Lightroom plug-in. Perfect skin tones!

Mark Wallace - Miami Meetup

Another lighting demo.


Mark walks the group through the steps of using high speed synch to get great bikini shots. Our Model, Izabela S, was freezing in the white robe behind Mark.


And the shot by photographer Armando Orraca

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    One day I wish you could cross the big sea and have a workshop in Scandinavia. Am 17 year old boy from Norway and love photography. I am studying media so photography is my favourite subjects. Thanks a lot for all those great videos about how to set up Studio lighting and “How too” with shutter and that kind of stuff. Thanks a lot Mark!

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    It was a great experience I think. And Mark was just awesome as usual.

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