Weekend Workshop

Jerri working on her photo skills
© 2007 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory
Workshop attendee, Jerri P., works on an assignment.

Our weekend workshop was a great success.  We had a small class so we had plenty of time to get to know each other and have a lot of fun.  Our new laptop and video projector worked well, although we found that we’ll need some new desk lamps next time.

I used Adobe Lightroom to demonstrate some post production work.  Lightroom was great and I’m happy that the final release is out.  I’m very impressed with the software and am happy to have it as a tool for our workshops in the future.  One of our “hands-on” sessions took place on Mill Avenue in Tempe.  After the session I quickly selected some of my shots, did some minor post production, and posted them on the web in no time.  Lightroom is speedy!

We’ve already started to get requests for the next weekend workshop and we’re looking for openings on our calendar.  If you’re interested in attending please contact us!