The Workshop That Was Almost Lost Forever

In 2013 I recorded Digital Photography Basics, a great workshop that covers all of the basics of photography. The workshop was recorded and broadcast live. It was made available as a digital download for a short period of time – and almost lost forever.

When we started Mark Wallace: LIVE we recorded and broadcast live. After the broadcast there was a mad dash to editing machines to convert all the content to smaller files, upload the (still huge) files to a server, and then connect everything using a service that connected the files with sales and generated download codes. It was incredibly complicated and frustrating, both for us and our customers.

Fortunately for everyone Vimeo began it’s Video On Demand service and YouTube started it’s live streaming service. It was a game changer and solved almost all of our issues. We’d broadcast live on YouTube and then quickly upload the files to Vimeo for customers to download and watch forever.

When we made the switch to Vimeo we still had a few workshops on the old system. It took us a few weeks but we eventually moved everything over. But somehow, and I’m still not sure how it happened, Digital Photography Basics was overlooked. It was simply left on the old system to spend it’s days alone and unwatched.

This week I found all of the original video files and have begun the process of migrating them to Vimeo. This is a great workshop and I’m happy it’s been saved from obscurity. The entire workshop will be available on or before September 15, 2015.

If you pre-order the workshop before September 15, 2015 you’ll save 33%. The workshop is availabe for just $10 when you pre-order!

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