A fresh face

You’ve probably noticed that things look a bit different around here. Years ago I spent most of my time posting articles, images, and updates to the blog. In recent years that’s changed, I’ve spent much more time updating my Facebook page instead. Facebook is great, but by its very nature it limits the quality of the content.

Many times I find myself wanting to post longer, more in-depth posts on Facebook. But that’s just not the place for it. So I’ve changed the Snapfactory website to reflect a more traditional blogging platform. I’ll return to posting longer posts here and leave Facebook for shorter updates.

I hope you like the new look of the site. It’s always a work in progress. So if you have suggestions just leave me a comment!

Oh, and the photo of the rice fields, I shot that during my recent trip to Vietnam. More about that in a future post. See what I mean?

  • http://www.angolaimagebank.com Kostadin Luchansky

    Congratulations with the new face. Looks great and its easy to navigate, but what matters the most is the content I look forward to continue receiving from you, Mark. I’ve been following you for years and your photography videos are one of the best on the Web. Thank you, teacher. Regards, Kosta