First Shoot in the new studio

We’ve been busy moving all of our equipment from the old studio to the new studio.  We’re still waiting for the new furniture and a bunch of odds and ends before we call it finished.  I took a “break” during our busy weekend and shot a few photos for my portfolio.  Since Diane was busy working on a shoot at ASU I asked Caroline Diep to come along and assist.  She did a fantastic job.

Our model, Angela, was terrific to work with and we got some stellar shots.  I’ll post a few once I’ve finished with the post-production work.  Here are a couple of shots from my iPhone.

With 60 feet of shooting space we were able to add some color to the background and drop it out of focus for a quick and easy glamour look.  I had a bunch of lights shooting toward the camera so I had to use a lot of flags.

My super helpful assistant, Caroline, who is normally in front of the camera.  She’s a Ford Model and it was a trip having her help out.  Thanks Caroline!