Fun at the On-Camera flash workshop

Yesterday I taught another session of my on-camera flash workshop. We had a blast. Here are a few photos of the field trip that immediately follows the workshop.

students experimenting with high speed shutter sync

Before the sun went down we all went outside to experiment with high speed shutter sync. The sun was getting low in the sky so students shot into the sun and away from the sun to see the different effects the ambient light had on the image.

students on Mill Ave practicing with their flashes

After we grabbed something to eat we headed out to Mill Avenue in Tempe for some fun practicing. Here students are taking photos of Melanie, a friend of one of our students. Students were able to practice balancing ambient light with the light from their flash. We also played with color correcting gels to illustrate how to fix color temperature problems.


The lovely Melanie. I didn’t plan on having a model during the field trip so it was a bonus when Melanie joined us. She’s an actress by trade but was willing to pose for a few shots during the outing. Thank you so much Melanie!


After shooting with Melanie we headed down the street and found Tom Nalley about to begin his one man show. He agreed to let us photograph him during a few of his songs. This dude was a terrific musician. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a website. I’ll try to find more information about him because his music was really great.


A few students taking shots of Tom Nalley.


With all of our flashes firing people started to gather to see what was happening. We continued to shoot until Tom had a bit of a crowd and then we quietly made our exit. We wanted to make sure our workshop didn’t ruin a night of work for Tom.


Here’s one of my shots of Tom. I was showing students how to use rear curtain shutter sync to get some interesting effects. Tom was very energetic and I wanted to capture some of that movement in my photo.

Our next on-camera flash workshop is Saturday, April 25. I hope you can join us.

  • Alex

    nice shots!

  • Adam Nollmeyer

    Is on camera difficult, or was it more about dragging the shutter and fill flash in daylight?

    Off camera FTW!! (is that part II?)

  • Oliver

    I had a great time and would highly recommend it. Mark is a great instructor and an all out fun guy.

    Thanks Mark

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  • The Eyesores

    very cool pics of Tom! Used to play drums in the Irritations with him when he was living in So.Cal, still go out to visit AZ every couple years. Here are some places you can hear more of his tunes:

    I know Myspace is poop nowadays, but there are also a couple Youtube videos:

    enjoy eh!
    say Hi on facebook!