• LisaLove Bäckman

    Yet another great episode! I have watched all episodes (and some over and over again) and learned so many super good tips and techniques from you. Great pace, understandable and inspiring. Keep up this great work Snapfactory, you rock!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4XXRLPQGB3UNRSQRXP3G5EMTTA Doctor Evil

    The D7000 has a commander mode. Why did you choose the SU-800 over using that?

  • http://www.markwallacephotography.com Mark

    I was trying to focus on the principles, not the gear. Many cameras don’t have a built-in commander and so it was easier to just demonstrate that you need something to transmit by adding the SU-800. Some Canon cameras (like the Rebel we used) also have built in transmitters, but the majority of cameras do not. I was just trying to keep it simple.

  • http://twitter.com/gwdegreen Gary DeGreen

    Great video….love the Less Nesman reference.

  • Bryan Ford

    If you’re just getting started shooting portraits in a studio this is
    the video for you. Mark demonstrates five simple lighting setups using
    low cost gear. It’s perfect for the beginner.


  • Mia Polk

    Keep up this great work Snapfactory, you rock!

  • Luca Italy

    very informative, you’re the best!

  • Brianna Bowling

    I see that this post was made several years ago, but glad I found it. But I have a question about the radio transmitter/pocket wizard. Is the transmitter used for the off camera flash because the camera does not have it’s own built in? My Canon 7D has the wireless transmitter built in, but the pop up flash has to be up, and fires to make the speedlite fire. Does the light from the pop up flash hinder anything?