Vote for your city!

If you’d like the Mark Wallace US Meetup Tour to come to your city here’s your chance. The rules are simple:

  1. To be included in the list I must receive at least 10 individual nominations.
  2. U.S. Cites only.
  3. To nominate a city just leave a comment, send a tweet to @jmarkwallace, or enter your city in the “other” field below.
  4. Once I have at least 10 nominations for your city it will be added to the poll.
  5. Vote for your favorite city in the Poll (once per person only)
  6. The city with the most votes on December 25, 2009 (12:00pm MST) wins!

  • robin3615


  • gvaughn


  • ShawnTMoore

    Washington dc or Baltimore. Two city's in one stop

  • kevinkennedy

    Come on Washington DC!

    PS, I like Shawn's idea, 2 for 1; Balt & DC

  • Fredde Lieberman

    lets make it happen in DC

  • ratooth

    Big “D” (Dallas) also stands for distance, We want big distance (range) for FLASH.

  • Name

    Vegas is the city of lights so why not show off your lighting here.

  • wallybrooks


  • jimbeardsley

    Minneapolis/St Paul get my vote

  • digitalshooter


  • digitalshooter