Vote for your city!

If you’d like the Mark Wallace US Meetup Tour to come to your city here’s your chance. The rules are simple:

  1. To be included in the list I must receive at least 10 individual nominations.
  2. U.S. Cites only.
  3. To nominate a city just leave a comment, send a tweet to @jmarkwallace, or enter your city in the “other” field below.
  4. Once I have at least 10 nominations for your city it will be added to the poll.
  5. Vote for your favorite city in the Poll (once per person only)
  6. The city with the most votes on December 25, 2009 (12:00pm MST) wins!

  • markswink

    Come to Vegas. Have a great class and then stay and play awhile. As an administrator of Southern Nevada Photographers I would be glad to help promote this if you come to Las Vegas, NV.

  • fotobrown

    I am an instructor at the Boston university Center for Digital Imaging Arts. If you come to Boston I'd love to have you come to the school and speak to probably 100 students in our photography program.

  • CaptainTom


  • SnapFactory

    That would be amazing! If Boston wins I'll make sure to zip over to Boston University. If Boston doesn't win then let's talk and see how we can work something out. I'd love to come visit.

  • SnapFactory

    Um, you're caps key is stuck… :)

  • chrispaulis

    I'm surprised that you list nothing anywhere near Maryland; I would take Baltimore OR DC!

  • SnapFactory

    DC was nominated and is now on the list. :) Vote, vote, vote.

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    thanks for sharing the information, great site, will revisit again.

  • Tony

    Joe McNally came to DC…so can you! J/k Seriusly though…lots of big shooters in DC, and plenty of enthusiasts.

  • jamesswan

    Dallas, TX

  • melindamccoy

    Ok… TX is stepping up and voting:-)
    Maybe Austin will have a chance?

  • Beijing tours

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  • garywhipple

    Cleveland, Oh please.

  • lisanurmi

    I vote for Nov 21 Plllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    Dallas it the BEST!!

  • debergy

    Visit Dallas and bring new pocket wizards for Nikon.

  • gkstallings

    High Point, NC can show you southern hospitality at it's best! We double the population of our city twice a year for ten days to host the International Furniture Market – which proves we know how to say “Howdy!”

  • JEddington

    If you don't come to texas, you are stupid and well, we will all switch to Radio Poppers!

  • Angela


  • Angela

    Dallas, TX that is!

  • Roy Kasmir


  • Qman714

    I would like Mark to come to Portland OR – We have 143 paying members in our meet-up group and we could invite two neighboring meet-up groups (Salem, OR, and South Seattle Sound) to join us for the event.

  • PaulP

    Dallas, TX

  • RayM

    Dallas, TX please!

  • Tyson Pough

    Dallas, TX

  • jon0107

    Dallas please!

  • Jessi

    When does voting end?

  • Fotog4

    How about Detroit, we need you…………..

  • lindaralston

    Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Name

    Kansas City

  • http://WWW.FOTOBIA.COM/ Daniel


  • Marcus Lewis

    Chicago, Illinois

  • althor


  • SnapFactory

    Send me more info! Sounds like a blast.

  • Bryan Rowland

    Salt Lake City!!

  • kweber

    Washington, DC please!!!

  • ifp


  • ifp

    Ft Worth, TX

  • jml969

    Las Vegas,NV.

  • nuke789


  • Prairiemaiden

    Sioux Falls, SD

  • bradbode

    I would like to vote for Las Vegas NV and I shoot a Nikon so lets get the ITTL wizord out there for us as well. We have been waiting long enough.

  • sharonj

    Las Vegas NV

  • Name

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Bill

    Vegas , the most photographed city in the country

  • wallybrooks

    Boston! Park the Caaaar to get some Lobsta's after the shoot!

  • Jan Wagner

    Please add San Diego to your tour.

  • westly197

    Please add San Diego!

  • shelleysargent

    Houston Please!

  • patturpen

    San Diego please.

  • dajon0510

    Mpls in Jan is wonderful!! You Have NE covered ,SW,SE,NW and the S covered. So you really need the N to complete your tour.
    Heck Mark,I will even buy you a beer..Come to Mpls.

  • agiledogs

    Please add san Diego

  • Andrew

    +1, Las Vegas

  • royang

    Sunny San Diego, CA

    Best Weather best shooting in the world.

  • Kasi Stuhlman

    Dallas, TX, please :)

  • Mark

    San Francisco, CA

  • nyghtfalcon

    Greensboro, NC

  • jaydeguzman

    pls come to chicago

  • Shanghai Tour

    Great post!

  • dennisjon

    Come to D E T R O I T

  • Leonard


  • joekee

    Please come to San Francisco, CA …

  • fjperezm

    Dallas, Texas

  • Dave


  • james malone

    San Jose!

  • aldeghij

    I vote San Francisco!

  • ajithrajeswari

    San Jose Or San Francisco please

  • Christi Sanders


  • jhendry01

    Dallas, Texas! (DFW area)

  • Fineline_Studio

    Dallas, Texas

  • Sharon


  • Jim

    Houston, Texas

  • SpinStopper

    Houston, TX

  • jennawhidby


  • Nics

    Dallas TX

  • Kendal

    Houston :)

  • Kim

    Las Vegas. =)

  • Kyleen

    Dallas, Texas

  • derekwalter


  • Tim


  • RLHoldenSr

    Dallas, Texas

  • Edmond

    Dallas, TX

  • Minghao Yang

    Houston TX

  • mark

    Vegas Baby!! I know a couple of studios that would be great for this!! No, mine is not one of those, this needs more room than I have available.

  • Thor


  • monicagalvis


  • eyeonlife

    Philadelphia — its a airport hub!! you can still get home easily afterwards :)

  • eyeonlife

    Philadelphia — its a airport hub!! you can still get home easily afterwards :)

  • BruceAshforth

    Newark–the entire state of New Jersey, plus New York City and Staten Island go there for seminars, and everyone knows where it is and how to get there!

  • kwphotos


  • jodie


  • bobhayes

    Hawaii! Come on, you know you want to!

  • vm2

    Austin, TX. You'll have fun.

  • Rich

    Vegas wants it!!

  • edbroberg

    San Francisco!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th.

  • WJRoss

    Chicago, Illinois – Northwest Suburbs

  • nkdmike702

    I would like it to be in Las Vegsa, Nevada

  • ivanavila

    Las Vegas !!!

  • Sandman

    – H O N O L U L U, H A W A I I –

    The land of Aloha – awesome scenery, 80 degree weather year-round, beautiful women, the world's best surfing (30 foot waves yesterday at Pipeline), an active volcano, and one of the highest concentrations of photographers in the world!!

    #1 Destination for weddings in the US
    #1 Favorite place to vacation in the US
    #1 Home to 3 of 5 of America's best beaches – Travel Channel

  • dizeman

    Las Vegas, NV

  • dizeman

    Actually, Las Vegas is the number one Wedding destination, has been for decades.

  • robin3615


  • gvaughn


  • ShawnTMoore

    Washington dc or Baltimore. Two city's in one stop

  • kevinkennedy

    Come on Washington DC!

    PS, I like Shawn's idea, 2 for 1; Balt & DC

  • Fredde Lieberman

    lets make it happen in DC

  • ratooth

    Big “D” (Dallas) also stands for distance, We want big distance (range) for FLASH.

  • Name

    Vegas is the city of lights so why not show off your lighting here.

  • wallybrooks


  • jimbeardsley

    Minneapolis/St Paul get my vote

  • digitalshooter


  • digitalshooter