Shooting Gorman


Last month I shot a short video of Greg Gorman for Xrite. Here’s a short breakdown of the production.

The video was all shot on a Canon XH A1. This is a great little camera and perfect for shooting on location when you need to keep things simple. I only had a few hours to shoot everything so speed and mobility were key.

I used a modified Zacuto newsman kit to help keep things moving along. When shooting on a tripod I used basic Zacuto baseplate and Zamerican arm with a Marshall HD Monitor. When I needed to shoot handheld it only took about 3 minutes to rig the camera for a shoulder mount kit.

The Zacuto rig and Marshall Monitor. The indoor interview was lit using natural light.

Shooting the studio session.

The Zacuto rig in action.

A closer look at the newsman rig.

I used a Rode NG-3 shotgun mic with a Dead Cat wind screen for all of the audio. I was very impressed at how well the Dead Cat worked so close to the ocean. It was pretty windy and the Rhode gear handled everything perfectly.

The Rode NG-3 and Dead Cat.

Everything was edited in Final Cut Pro and then converted to H.264 for the web using Compressor. And here’s how it all turned out:

  • geroco

    Great work Mark. Thanks for sharing, I love the interview out near the ocean, it is amazing how well that dead cat worked. Do you have an assistant at these shoots? All that much better if you are doing these on your own.

  • http://blog.snapfactory.com SnapFactory

    Ab Sesay was the producer on the shoot. He also helped move equipment and mic stands. We shot the entire video in about 5 hours and had to really be nimble. On this shoot I didn’t have an “official” assistant but working with Ab is always a treat. He has no ego and has no issue doing some lifting while he’s producing. http://www.absesay.com/

    Note: the reason Ab isn’t in any of these photos is because he’s the guy who took the pictures.

  • melindamccoy

    It turned out GREAT! :-)

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