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Fantastic Portraits in Lousy Light

Fantastic Portrait Photography in Lousy Light

In this episode, Mark goes to “battle” against harsh light and an ugly background for an outdoor portrait. He’ll show you 5 quick tips to get a great portrait out of nearly any situation.

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Built-in Light Meter (Part 2 of Light Stick and Speedlights)

In this week’s episode, the second part of Episode 230, Mark shows you how to activate the built-in light meter in your speedlight for use on a lightstick. Watch as Mark shows you how this technique allows you to use any brand flash with any brand camera!

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Light Stick and Speedlights: Pt. 1

In this week’s episode Mark shows you how to make a light stick and trigger off-camera speedlights. Watch as Mark builds a light stick on set and then takes you to the park for a demonstration.

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Outdoor Speedlight Portraits

In this episode Mark shows you how you can control your speed light for some creative exposure options when shooting outside.

(This is the first episode of Season Two and that’s why the numbers have changed from episode 75 to 201. There are no “missing” episodes between 75 and 201.)

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Rear Curtain Sync

In this episode Mark will show how some cameras offer the ability to fire the flash at just before the second curtain closes. This is called rear or second curtain sync and it is used to freeze motion at the end of the exposure. When making long exposures while firing a flash rear curtain sync creates the effect of motion blur trailing the main subject.

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