Great weekend of shooting!

Marlow DeVonne
© Copyright 2008 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

I had a terrific weekend in the studio.  I was able to work with Yasmin again and Marlow DeVonne.  I am a big fan of photographers like Andreas Bitesnich, Mathias Walter, Marc Baptiste, Ellen Von Unwerth and other European fashion photographers.  Working with Marlow I was finally able to get some Bitesnich looking shots (the photo above is straight out of the camera) as well as some Baptiste looking fashion shots.  We plan to shoot again tomorrow and refine the look.

© Copyright 2008 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Yasmin was also terrific to work with. We were able to shoot some terrific fashion shots that would feel at home in a J. Crew catalog.  The great thing about both shoots is that we video taped a lot of the behind the scenes and I’ll be posting the lighting setups along with completed photos and lighting diagrams in Episode 11 of Digital Photography 1 on 1.  We have two more shoots to complete before the video footage is finished but I think it will be worth the wait.