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Twitter-Interactive: What a blast!

Photo by Danno of The Photo Collective

We had a blast shooting at Loft19 yesterday. We are going to spend days sorting through all of the photos, questions, comments, and videos. Once that’s done we’ll be creating a series of videos to demonstrate each step of the production.

You can view a Flickr photo set of the entire day right now. We’ve captioned everything so you can understand what’s happening.

Click here to see the photos.

The Profoto Pro-8 Air was amazing. It’s impossible to describe how fast it is, so here’s a 16 second video that was a part of the shoot yesterday. In the video you can see some of the flashes, but the video camera couldn’t capture everything. Every time you hear the shutter release on the camera the flash actually fired. The amazing thing is that the strobes could have gone a twice that speed. We were shooting at 10 frames per second, but the strobes can fire at 20 frames per second. Just amazing.

Profoto Pro-8 Air Sneak Peek from Mark Wallace on Vimeo.

I’ll be teaching my Studio Lighting 101 workshop tomorrow and then taking a much needed day off on Sunday. Look for new information to appear Early next week.

Twitter-Interactive: Meet The Team

UPDATE: Thanks to all who joined us. We’ll be updating the blog 2-20-09 with thoughts from today.

Our Twitter-Interactive shoot is tomorrow. I’m so excited that if I was a cheerleader I’d be doing spirit fingers. Ok, bad mental image, sorry.

We’re just a few hours from the big project and a whole lot of fun. I’d like to invite you to join us, here’s what were doing and how we’re doing it.

We’re shooting fashion all day. We’re using Profoto Pro-8 Air packs with the Air Remote. We’ll be in a giant 7,000 square foot studio. We’re doing all of this live via Twitter.


Beginning at 7:00am Arizona Time (8:00am PST) we’ll be sending updates to all of my twitter followers. We’ll be giving updates about what we’re doing, the setup, technical details, the styling, the models, etc. We’re going to be as transparent as possible.

The communication isn’t one way, what fun would that be? We are asking you to ask us questions along the way. Want to know how we’re doing something? Ask us. Why are we using that light modifier? Just ask. What makeup are we using? Glad you asked. What’s our workflow? Good question!

We’ll be tagging all of our twitter updates with #snapshoot so it’s easy for you to look them up down the road or even grab an RSS feed for easy viewing.

You can join in on all of this fun by simply following me on Twitter (it’s free). If you’re not sure what Twitter is take a look at this video.

Oh but wait, there’s more…

I’m going to be very busy shooting all day so I’ve asked a few people to help us out. Let me introduce the team and tell you what they’ll be doing.


Heather Lynne Herr @MsHerr will be manning the keyboard all day. She’s a terrific writer, reporter, social media fanatic, and all around cool person. She’ll be forwarding questions to me and typing answers from me. She’ll be talking to the other artists in the studio and giving their updates as well. She’ll be our voice.


Danno @dannophotos will be shooting behind-the-scenes photos all day long. He’ll be feeding the photos to Heather who will post them to Flickr or Twitpic for all to see. Of course as soon as a new photo is live we’ll tweet the info. Need a closer look at something? Just ask and we’ll send Danno over to grab a close up. And, yeah, he’s so cool he only needs one name.

Jeff-hs.jpg< Jeff Caroli @speedman19 will be shooting video of everything we do – all day. In fact he’s been shooting video of all the preparation for a few days now.

All of this video footage is going to be edited and posted on YouTube, and other sites. We’ll be able to give you more in-depth explanations about what we’re doing in future videos. We plan to augment the videos with diagrams and animations just like many of our Digital Photography One on One videos. If you want to see something specific in the videos just let us know.

The Artists


Diane Wallace @dianewallace is our Makeup Artist (MUA). Diane is the best half of SnapFactory. She’s an equally talented photographer but tomorrow she’ll be in her role as MUA all day. She’s been busy designing looks and matching colors and styles with the wardrobe Erin has pulled.

Because Diane and I work so closely together she’ll also be giving creative input on the entire shoot. I wouldn’t even think about shooting something on this scale without Diane on hand to help guide us. She’s a very talented artist and one job title just doesn’t do her justice.


Erin Markis is our Wardrobe Stylist. You’ve seen her in previous videos working with our models and she’ll continue that work tomorrow. She’s been working very hard to gather wardrobe from local designers and stores and has had a few challenges along the way. We’ll be covering this in some of the future videos. It’s been a journey!

Heather Blaine is our Hairstylist. She has some very impressive work and she’ll be working along side Diane and Erin all day to get the models prepped for their next set. This will be my first time working with Heather and I’m very excited about it.


We’ll be shooting in 7,000 square feet of photographer heaven, otherwise known as Loft19. There are actually three studios in Loft19, we’ll be shooting in Studio One and Two. There is also a lobby, conference room, lounge area, waiting area, makeup tables, and coffee bar. This is one of the best studios in the US, so if you see something and want more info please ask about it.

Floyd Bannister is the owner of Loft19 and he’ll be assisting us all day with any equipment or studio needs. Loft19 has an amazing collection of gear and he’ll make sure we have everything we need throughout the day.

Picture 4.png

Our models are all coming from The Agency Arizona. Travis Given from The Agency AZ has been working with us for a couple of weeks to make sure we have the right models for the job. If you have any questions about rates, booking, or other model stuff we’ll pass it along to Travis.


Katie Masters, Madeleine Hall, Erika Shelton, and Carly Vollmert will be our models for this shoot. We’ve already posted a quick video of them at their fitting. If you missed it you can click here to take a look.


And finally, there’s me. I’m Mark Wallace @jmarkwallace. I’m a commercial, fashion, and fine art photographer. I’m also a photography instructor. We’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other tomorrow. I hope you join us!

Interactive Shoot, We’re Almost There

Our Interactive Shoot is approaching quickly. The Pro-8 arrived earlier and we’ve had some time to work with it a bit – it’s amazing. We have a few more things to wrap up before February 19th and I wanted to let you know where we stand.

Madeleine Hall.jpg
Madeleine Hall. Photo Credit: The Agency Arizona.

Our models have been selected from The Agency Arizona. We’ll be shooting with Erika Shelton, Madeleine Hall (pictured above), Katie Masters, and Carly Vollmert. The models will be coming to the studio tomorrow for their fitting session with Erin Markis, the Wardrobe Stylist. Diane (MUA) will also be on hand to evaluate skin tones and start prepping the looks for each girl. Heather Blaine, our hairstylist, may also be on hand depending on her schedule. Of course we’ll shoot behind the scenes video and stills and tweet what’s going on as it happens.


On Monday we’ll be heading up to Loft19 to do a quick run through of the shoot with Floyd Bannister, the owner of Loft19. We’ll be shooting in several locations in Loft19, it’s a huge studio and so we’ll have some options. Because we’re only shooting for 9 hours we need to make sure we have our plan in place for set changes, lighting equipment, color schemes, etc. Loft19 has a lot of equipment and backdrops and we just want to make sure we’re in sync before we arrive on Thursday. We’ll be shooting video and tweeting this meeting as well.

The final piece of the puzzle is our wardrobe. We have several designers that will be loaning us dresses and outfits but we still have a few more things to finalize before we can make a public announcement about what we’re shooting. We should have all the paperwork in place by Monday to give you an update.

There are a few things you usually need to do to have clothes on loan for a shoot. Here’s a list of things stores and designers usually want to know:

  • Date and location of shoot.
  • Name of Photographer
  • Name of Wardrobe stylist
  • Publications that will cary the images and dates of release.
  • Statement in writing that shows they will be credited in articles or photos.
  • Insurance policy that covers all clothing on loan.

All of this is usually written in a “pull letter” that the designer can take to stores and designers. Once the store or designer agrees to the terms the Wardrobe Stylist can then “pull” the clothes for the shoot (usually the day before or day of the shoot). Normally the clothes go back to the store the day of or early morning after the shoot.

I’ll be posting more about the shoot tomorrow. I hope all of the steps of the process are helpful to you. Let us know if you have questions or would like to know more details about anything. You can post a comment (below) or send us a tweet.

Come along for the ride…

Update: The shoot will take place Feb 19, 2009. 9:00-5:00 PST

In a just a couple of weeks we’re going to be shooting with the Profoto Pro-8 Air at Loft19 studios here in Phoenix… and we want you to come along for the ride. Let me give you a little background.

Many of you are familiar with our Digital Photography One on One videos. These are videos where you can send us a question and we create a video that answers that question. These are fun but we wanted to make them a bit more interactive.

A few weeks ago we tried something new. I posted updates via Twitter during a model shoot with Gwen Lindvig. We were posting behind the scenes photos in real-time and people were asking questions via twitter in real-time as well.

pro8atop2-xsm.jpg        pro8atop2-xsm.jpg

We’ve been looking for a way to put these two things together and now we have the perfect opportunity. I’m going to have a couple of Profoto Pro-8a packs in the studio over the next couple of weeks. This is a new Profoto generator that is wicked fast and since so many people are curious about it we thought we’d document our experience with the packs.

So here’s what we’re doing:


We’re going to be shooting a large production shoot at Loft 19 in north Phoenix. We’re going to shoot behind the scenes videos of the shoot and show you as much as we can including (if possible):

  • Lighting Diagrams
  • Using the Profoto Pro-8a Air during the shoot
  • Building the set
  • Working with the models (wardrobe, styling, makeup)
  • Technical info
  • All the lighting details

We’re also going to be giving live updates via my twitter account along the way. You can always send us a tweet to ask us a question and we’ll do our best to answer via twitter, the blog, or on the videos.

Although I can’t give you all of the details about the shoot yet, I will say it’s going to be something really fun. As we are able to disclose things we’ll update the blog or make a behind the scenes video. I predict we’ll have several videos documenting this shoot, the technical challenges, and the new toys.

Speaking of videos…

I’ll be creating a new Digital Photography One on One video that’s all about flash duration and recycle times. This will show you how you can use a flash to freeze action even at slow shutter speeds. I figured I should get as much out of the Pro-8a as I could while I have it.

We want to hear from you!

Let us know if you have questions or comments about our shoot. You can interact with us in several ways.

  • Follow me on Twitter: jmarkwallace. We’ll be posting live updates, real-time photos, and taking your questions on the day of the shoot.
  • Use the comments just below this post (click “comments” at the end of this post if you don’t see them).
  • Watch the videos and post your video specific questions in the comments below the videos. We’ll let you know where the videos are as soon as we post them.

So when is this happening?

We don’t have the date set in stone yet, but we do know it will be in the February 18-20 time frame. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s locked down.

What the heck is Twitter?