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Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. This series was created specifically for AdoramaTV.


Smash, Flash and Freeze

Mark shows how to take photos that look “high speed” but were really taken with a long exposure and a flash! He’ll be smashing light bulbs, breaking eggs and dropping strawberries. With this simple setup, you can capture the motion of every smash and splash!

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Skin Retouching

In this episode, Mark shows his tricks for fast and efficient beauty retouching.

Watch as he shows you quick ways to fix skin issues, hair problems and more. Mastering these techniques will improve your beauty photos, and speed up your post-production time!

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Zoom the Light

Join Mark as he explores an under-utilized feature of speedlights: the zoom!

Speedlights have the ability to zoom their light to match the zoom on the lens. You can turn the zoom into manual mode though and use it creatively to get unique illumination patterns in your images. Mark will show you how to use this feature on both a Canon and Nikon flash, and then give some examples of the results you can get.

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Posing Models

Communicating with your model or subject is key to getting the shots you want.

In this episode, Mark gives you five tips for helping the model hit the right poses. The best way to get the right poses, however, is to hire a professional model!

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Program Mode

Mark shows beginner photographers how to use Program mode. Program mode is a great way to start learning how to control your camera and stop using Auto mode.

Mark shows how to capture a background with a lot or a little in focus, as well as how to freeze or show motion. These are the basic skills to then move on to using Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority modes.

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