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Lightroom 5 Features

New Lightroom 5 Features

In this episode, Mark explores his 4 favorite features of the new Adobe Lightroom 5. He’ll talk about the Upright tool, Radial Gradients and his absolute favorite new feature – the healing brush.

Mark will show us how easy it is to fix a crooked photo and take something completely out of photo, all in Adobe Lightroom 5.

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Fantastic Portraits in Lousy Light

Fantastic Portrait Photography in Lousy Light

In this episode, Mark goes to “battle” against harsh light and an ugly background for an outdoor portrait. He’ll show you 5 quick tips to get a great portrait out of nearly any situation.

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50 Shades of Black
Marks go to lighting setup
Controlling portrait shadows
Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 11.14.03 AM
Compositing with Gavin
Lightroom Shortcuts

Lightroom Shortcuts

In this episode Mark will guide you through all of his favorite Lightroom shortcuts! If you can edit using these easy shortcuts, you will be able to edit faster and more efficiently. Don’t miss these great tips!

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