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A day in the life of Luka

I started shooting a some new footage for the next Digital Photography One on One video. In this video I’m going to be showing you how to use PocketWizards to control your camera. I thought it would be a blast to shoot Luka (our dog) from a very low point of view so we could see the world through his eyes.

Shooting mobile just a few inches from the ground required me to create a rig that would allow me to run while holding Luka and my camera and also let me take pictures. The PocketWizards worked great. Here’s a sneak peek at the next video and some of the shots from today.

Luka-Cam from Mark Wallace on Vimeo.

Luka checking out a tree.

Luka “getting some sniffs”.

More sniffs.

Jeff shooting the video.

A shot from our second setup when we had the camera mounted outside of my truck. I was able to shoot pictures of Luka while driving.

Great weekend of shooting!

Marlow DeVonne
© Copyright 2008 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

I had a terrific weekend in the studio.  I was able to work with Yasmin again and Marlow DeVonne.  I am a big fan of photographers like Andreas Bitesnich, Mathias Walter, Marc Baptiste, Ellen Von Unwerth and other European fashion photographers.  Working with Marlow I was finally able to get some Bitesnich looking shots (the photo above is straight out of the camera) as well as some Baptiste looking fashion shots.  We plan to shoot again tomorrow and refine the look.

© Copyright 2008 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

Yasmin was also terrific to work with. We were able to shoot some terrific fashion shots that would feel at home in a J. Crew catalog.  The great thing about both shoots is that we video taped a lot of the behind the scenes and I’ll be posting the lighting setups along with completed photos and lighting diagrams in Episode 11 of Digital Photography 1 on 1.  We have two more shoots to complete before the video footage is finished but I think it will be worth the wait.

Great Class

Last Saturday I taught another Studio Lighting 101 workshop.  The class was small and we had a lot of fun.  Here are a few snapshots from the day.

For more information about our workshops visit:

Yasmin shooting Caroline
Student Yasmin shooting Caroline Diep.

Mike taking a turn.

Caroline strikes a pose as Mike takes the shot.

Yasmin trying out a Canon 70–200mm f/2.8L in the studio.

Caroline poses while students work with an Arri Fresnel hot light.

Episode 9 shoot

Yesterday the video team got together and we shot Digital Photography Episode 9.  It was terrific to have all the extra hands to make the new video.  We finished all the production work in 6.5 hours – that is one of the shortest video shoots we’ve ever had.  And that included set-up, travel time, location shooting, b-roll, and voice-over.

Here are a few shots the gang took during the shoot.

Mark and Drew
Mark showing Drew a few things on the camera.  The big wooden thing is our homemade teleprompter. The camera is behind the glass.

Daniel, Drew, and Diane
Daniel, Drew, and Diane. Daniel was running the camera, Drew was operating the teleprompter, and Diane was directing. Daniel and Diane also helped demo the bags in the video.  These guys has skillz.

Yasmin waiting for her cue.  Yasmin kept track of all of the takes, made sure we got all of the scenes in the camera, and was responsible for continuity (making sure all the b-roll was properly captured).  Oh – she also helped demo the bags in the video.

Mark shooting Diane as she demonstrates the LowePro slingshot bag.

Mark shooting Yasmin
Mark shooting Yasmin as she demonstrates the features of the LowePro Apex 140 camera bag.

Look for the new episode to be posted later this week!

Meter Megan

Our video team met last night and we spent a few hours discussing upcoming episodes, topics to be covered, and just how much detail needs to go into each explanation.  At times the discussion was spirited. Who’d have thought people are so passionate about explaining how an aperture value is determined? Most of the evening was spent brainstorming and looking for the best way to answer questions that have been sent to us. We narrowed our list of videos down to 26 video topics.  That should keep us busy for a long time.

We’re also excited that Megan Accordino will be joining us as our model in a few of our upcoming episodes.  Megan is one of our favorite models, she appeared in episode 1 (shutter sync), episode 2 (how to use a light meter), and episode 5 (basic 3 light setup).

Megan Accordino © Copyright 2008 Mark Wallace/SnapFactory

We’re shooting our next video this Sunday, we’re going to be doing a short review of some bags that will keep your gear safe and ready to use. We’ll be looking at the LowePro Flipside 300, the SlingShot 200AW, the Mini Trekker AW, and a couple others.

Soon to follow will be videos on color correction using the Sekonic Prodigi Color meter, understanding stops, metering for light ratios, location flash, shooting products for eBay, and more.  And, of course, we’ll try to keep answering my “favorite” question – what should I buy?

Stay tuned as our video team kicks it in to high gear and we start producing great videos on a regular schedule.

The DP 1on1 Crew

Video Team
Daniel, Jeff, Drew, Craig, Mark, and Yasmin posing for the iPhone shot.

Tonight a few of us got together to plan future episodes of Digital Photography 1 on 1. This is the team of volunteers who work hard to put these videos together. Drew and Yasmin are new to the team; Drew will be helping with the technical crew and Yasmin will be helping to keep everybody on track.  Daniel and Craig are regular assistants at the studio and have helped with past videos.  Jeff is also a regular at the studio and is going to be leading us all to technical excellence.  He’s a professional cameraman and video editor.  I learn new things from him all the time.

Our team is going to be meeting and working regularly with the mission of creating a new video every two weeks.  It’s a lot of work and we’re not positive we’ll be able to meet the schedule, but we’ll try.

Our next shoot is Sunday.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

New Episodes Coming Soon

New Videos Coming Soon

Filming started yesterday on a new batch of Digital Photography One on One episodes. I’ll be filming new episodes over the next few weeks. Topics in our upcoming episodes:

  • Using Sekonic light meters to balance flash and ambient light.
  • Understanding aperture values
  • Understanding stops
  • Metering for light ratios
  • A review of my favorite camera bags

The videos will be posted as soon as they are finished.  Our video crew is all volunteer (models included) so we’ll have to juggle some schedules, but we’ll finish as soon as possible.  Stay tuned…